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JP and the Seed of Corruption was first written in 1985, by the author, in his lunch breaks while at work. Life intervened, the manuscript slipped under the bed for 10 years. David went to University in 1990 and the novel took a back shelf until he finished his degree in Philosophy and realised he now needed to re-write it all! So he did. Then came marriage, work and family life and time moved on and the novel didn't. Then after semi-retirement things moved on, the book was edited and put online - and surprise, many liked it, some didn't.

To date it has has over 5000 eBook downloads and achieved a cult status in Germany! Very much a love or hate novel - what next?! 

Work has begun on Volume Two - Dubh Rising.

David also has ambitious plans for the novel to become a film, as many authors do.

Although the style of the writing translates easily to a traditional film format, David is also working on it becoming a Machinima Film, set in virtual worlds and filmed from within those worlds.



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