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David Denny was born in Uttoxeter, England in 1959. He grew up in a working class family of 5 on one of the UKs new red brick housing estates in the housing developments of the late 50's, where a mish mash of people and cultures from all around the UK relocated, and made for interesting formative years. David failed his 11 Plus Exams, a selective educational system, and continued his education at an all boys school, one step down from a borstal. He flourished there as a sportsman and captained the school rugby team. He had a developed a great passion for reading anything from Ursula Le Guin to Stephen King and Dean Koontz, but always fantasy, sci-fi and horror. He left school at 16 and worked in the Motor Industry for 15 years before studying English Literature & Philosophy as a mature student. He then spent 25 years as a career adviser, which took him around the UK in all types of illuminating work from Prisons to Universities, meeting many interesting people. David has three self published collections of poetry to date (see books), although the vast majority of his work in these collections has been published in independent magazines. He admits he is not a prolific writer, poems often being spontaneous and flawed, seizing the moment when the muse permits. He is also author of the popular FREE CV Winners guide and has developed his writing into screen plays (see Atomic below). Jonathon Postlethwaite and the Seed of Corruption is the first in a Trilogy...


‘Jonathon Postlethwaite and the Seed of Corruption’   The novel has been self published as an eBook and had over 2000 downloads across a number of distributors, helped by my 4500 Twitter followers.   The 450 page novel is a sci-fi fantasy with a steam punk, gothic flavour and aimed at older teenagers and adult readers due to a few sexual references and adult themes, often violent, but also a good deal of dark humour.

The story is set in an enormous steampunkish city called Dubh, which has been torn from history and now exists between the dimensions in a gigantic artificially generated capsule 250 years on. During this time the city has grown upwards by hundreds of stories and has many subterranean levels. It is a dark and corrupted place with humanity existing at a very base level.  This world is ruled by the enigmatic aliens known as the 'Tallmen' and their human puppets, the Tans.

The Tallmen are fleeing from their mother race, hence their desire to remain hidden between dimensions.  Whilst the Tallmen have the technology to sustain the dimension its existence is tenuous, dependant on ancient internal combustion engine technology to provide energy in the massive Halls of Machines overseen by the caste of the Meks.  

The general population is enslaved to support the supply of energy, It lives in a vile multilevel city that is still essentially Victorian in its technology. There are few who are free. But there is one group is known as the Whisperers, a group of highly athletic roof top dwellers who are untouchable in their domain.   From the Whisperers comes one of the principal characters, Jonathon Postlethwaite. The story follows him from a point in time when his parents are killed by his nemesis Silus Flax, an ambitious and corrupt individual from the caste of the Meks.  

Flax despises the Tallmen and the Tans and gains power in the Halls of Machines planning to eventually take control of Dubh from them and rule Dubh and beyond. He is aided and abetted by the collective corrupted spirit of the city, which fuels his megalomania and informs him with prophetic dreams. He slowly develops his own power base in a group know as the High Hats by virtue of their clothing and headwear. Surrounded by a plethora of colourful characters, he searches for dimension doors out of Dubh to other realms where, he is told in his dreams, he can find weaponry and defeat the ancient musketry of the Tans,the sertvants of the Tallmen. But his plans for power are not limited to Dubh.  

Jonathon Postlethwaite grows to an adult as the novel moves on. He is naive and hot headed, driven by his emotions towards one aim – to destroy his nemesis Flax and the corrupt city of Dubh. He possesses some powers of telepathy which have helped him survive in Dubh. The more he learns of Flax’s plans the more he is driven to have his revenge.

Flax strikes again and destroys the Whisperers and takes captive Milly, and the battle begins.   Jonathon builds a small group around him for the purpose of destroying Flax and Dubh. Rislo is a Tallman deserter, but emotionally weak and a coward at heart. He provides Jonathon technology to achieve his aim.

Jonathon’s plan is a simple one, set in motion the City’s end and escape through one of the dimension doors Flax has documented. Alongside Jonathon is an enigmatic and grotesque creature called the ‘Turkanschoner’. Modified and mutilated physically by the Tallmen and brainwashed into a killing machine, it allies itself to its new master Jonathon Postlethwaite.  

The two principal characters progress is narrated as they move towards their intertwined goals in the dark and shadowy realm, Flax aware of Jonathon as the plot moves on and how he stands between him and his goal.   They have met previously in the early part of the story and Jonathon barely survived, slowly their destinies move physically together again and they meet in the final chapters as Dubhs’ doom has been cast and Flax moves to intervene in a scintillating finale…

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